Brand Story

From the perforation of brogues to the meticulous selection of leather and final stage of finishing and polishing is taken care by our experienced craftsmen who undertake every step of the process with passion at our factory. With the given confidence in our craftsmen, we can assure that each shoe crafted is a piece of art, constructed with utmost perfection and the finest leather.

We want to re-define the definition of style and fashion in footwear, and to change the perception of its as worn by the masses, but a symbol of luxury. We want to turn each shoe into a form of self expression, so that we achieve is pure luxury, not limited to the elite but accessible to all.

Hats Off began realizing its dream, manufacturing high quality leather shoes with original and aesthetic design for decades. The unique designs aimed at bringing out luxury to the feet of modern day men and women. These are made to last forever, and enhance each moment by making design meet functionality. Our approach is to make sure you have the right design to take on the world, the way you want to. So fit your look to the time of the day and flaunt your style.

Hats Off promises impeccable craftsmanship, with every shoe intricately and beautifully handcrafted to perfection. We use one of the finest leather and give it that love and passion and care to make your shoes truly stand out. We believe each of us, has a sense of style, and so our shoes give you means to express it. Our take on luxury is accessible for all, and we make sure you never have to compromise on quality to get the look you truly deserve.

We aim to develop an open and loyal relationship, that requires no middle-men. We believe in creating something that doesn’t exist, and so we are doing away with traditional retail channels and bringing Hats OFF shoes directly to you. We give personalized attention to all your queries, complaints and feedback.