How is a Hats Off Shoe Created?

At least 135 processes are necessary in order

to create a pair of high-quality shoes, most of which are done by hand. In fact, even though the aid of technology in the production process can make products more durable, stable and comfortable, human experience and manual skills cannot be replaced. The creative process starts in the design studio where the shoes are designed and the types of leather and colors are chosen. The designs are then sent to the pattern-cutters, where technicians develop the upper and obtain the various templates that are necessary to cut the components of the upper of the shoe.

A prototype is then created for every style of the collection. The hides that were previously bought during the production process, are now carefully selected one by one with the utmost attention to quality, colours and sizes. Cutting the leather is a very difficult process and requires meticulous craftsmanship.


The craftsmen select the best parts of the skins, avoiding the weakest parts. Their skill lies in their ability to ensure, through the use of the caliper, that all the selected pieces of leather have the same thickness. In the Closing Department the technicians line, fold, assemble and sew the various parts of the upper; subsequently the shoe is lasted and the heels are attached.

The assembly process starts with a highly specialized machine, with which the upper is attached to insole of the shoe around to the last. The assembler then makes the necessary adjustments by hand. Once the shoe comes out of the oven it undergoes the process of roughing, nailing.

It is now ready to be attached to the sole with special glue.


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