Story Behind Hats Off Accessories

In 2014, our team had discussed an early idea for a

but didn’t do anything with it. Then, in early 2015 we got together and said, “What if?” What if we built a vertical men’s footwear brand that made high-quality product and sold it direct to the consumer at a value price. We knew that the wholesale business of selling to 3rd party retailers was inefficient and that inefficiency was paid for by you, the customer, in the form of higher prices. And with the idea of building a better brogues for less, HATS OFF ACCESSORIES was launched in February 2015 and quickly became an instant “Classic” selling out of most styles within short span.


The vision is to change the industry – HATS OFF ACCESSORIES innovates by cutting out the middleman and passes the savings margins directly to the customer. Providing the customers with the same or even better quality as that of the big luxury labels – without, their distribution and licensing fees. HATS OFF ACCESSORIES has came up with a new price-performance ratio in the luxury segment and provides full transparency about the origin and production, as well as providing a growing group of customers access to handmade shoes and accessories. This define HATS OFF ACCESSORIES luxury in a new category, called “Smart Luxury”.

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